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December 31st 2023 - 19.30 h
Bürkliplatz Zürich
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The association Silvesterzauber (organization of Zurich festivals) ensures that the area of the lake basin is as safe as possible.
Access by car is no longer possible from 7 p. m. onwards, with the tram until a maximum of 20.15 hours.
The police will take strict action against fireworks offenders, there is a total ban on private fireworks on the festival grounds.

At exactly 0.20 a. m. the great New Year's Eve fireworks of the Swiss Casino Zürich over Lake Zurich will be lit. Enjoy the colourful play of light in the night sky.
The New Year's Eve magic fireworks display 2023/2024 will once again be presented by the Swiss fireworks professionals from Hirt & Co. staged. The fire artists from Central Switzerland have already realized spectacular large fireworks displays in faraway China and achieved first place at the 5th International Fireworks Festival.

Macig Silvester
Programme 2023 / 2024
14.00-03.00 Fixed operation with stands and bars
19.30 hours Door opening magic fondue
20.00-00.20 hrs Music in bars and on various festival grounds
23.59.50 h Countdown into the new year
00.19 h Extinguishing lights around the Zurich lake basin
00.20-00.35 h Large fireworks display presented by Swiss Casinos Zurich
00.35-02.30 a. m. Music in bars and on various festival grounds
03.00 a. m. Closing Ceremony
until 04.00 am Last train, tram and bus connections

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