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December 31st 2023 - 19.30 h
B├╝rkliplatz Z├╝rich
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Here you can now book the seats. Please check the following basic rules:
  • The bookings are binding, after December 10th no more cancellations can be accepted.
  • Tickets that have been deposited at the cash desk but not collected will still be charged and claimed.
  • The booking will be paid by PayPal (by credit card), bank transfers shortly before the event must be made at the time of collection.
  • On-site payment will be settled in cash. Only VISA, Mastercard and EC-direct cards can be accepted. Twint is also possible.
  • The general terms and conditions apply, in particular the subject of weather.
  • After 8.30 p. m., the organizer is entitled to assign seats that remain free to the public.
  • Deviating menus are only possible in very small numbers (limits of the preparation) - basically we are a fondue tent. Exceptions may be when someone in a group has intolerance or is not allowed to drink alcohol. So they should not be excluded from the group. A maximum of 1 exception court per 5 persons is possible.
  • The tent is heated and festively lit. Nevertheless, it is an occasion on the shores of the lake and cannot be compared to a solid building. We therefore recommend especially warm shoes and suitable clothing.
  • Our festival area is not a 5-star hotel. However, we make every effort to create a festive atmosphere and offer our guests an atmospheric turn of the year.
  • Our staff is mainly recruited from students and not fully professional caterers. The key positions are filled with professionals.

The price of CHF 118.00 includes:             
Reserved seat with lake view in a heated, decorated tent;                     
Musical entertainment; welcome aperitif;
Appetizer - main course - dessertbuffet;
Best view of the phenomenal fireworks;
Drinks are not included!                                     

                                     General conditions

Payment by PayPal
Seating place in the tent
Magic Silvester Zurich 2023 - Magic Fondue
Nice seat in the magic fondue tent
welcome aperitif; Appetizer - main course -
118.00 CHF
Special meal
Magic Silvester Zurich 2023 - Magic Fondue
No Fondue-Guest
welcome aperitif; appetizer - main course -
120.00 CHF
fondue -at-
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